So your client needs a brand name?
Make life easy for yourself, use NameDek®, the naming methodology in a box.

As used by Agent Provocateur, The Barbican, The Considered, Caudwell Youth, Empire Cinemas, Fujifilm, MTV, Narcis Studio, Nestlé, Quietly, Taxi, X-Biomedical, YO! Sushi and many others!

Establish the building blocks of a great name
Discover the stories behind best-in-class brand names
Guarantee client buy-in and ownership
Give your client the confidence to approve first time
Provide your client with the tools to sell internally
Minimise workshop preparation time
Streamline your naming process
Build in-house expertise

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NameDek® naming toolkit, consisting of 100 name cards, 10 activity cards, and 10 instruction cards.

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"Wonderfully executed and super fun!"

Tina Bertolini, VP, Operations, The Considered

"An elegant resource that really helps clients understand the building blocks of great names."

Dan Calderwood, Creative Director, Quietly Studio

"Perfect for anyone looking to take the guesswork out of naming."

Narcis Sauleda, Director, Narcis Studio