Inqdrop is a specialist
naming agency.

We create company,
brand and product names.

It’s a tough gig.

Success is about partnership. Our experience and your gut instinct. You provide the raw ingredients. We stretch your thinking.

Together we craft a name that resonates with your customers. A name you are proud of.

We have decades of experience giving brands a real sense of identity.

We’re experts in the fabric of words.

We know our consonance from our assonance, and our homonyms from our homophones. We understand the value of euphony and cadence, and the power of sound symbolism.

But we’re more than linguistic geeks. We’ve spent years at the commercial coal-face, successfully launching new products, services and brands around the globe.

So what makes the perfect name?

Over and above a well-crafted sequence of phonemes, a brand name has to chime with customers and reflect an organisation’s personality and values.

So, underpinning our craft is a robust process built on client insight and customer understanding.

“Inqdrop are awesome! They’re fast, produce brilliant work, and are a pleasure to work with.”
Jennifer Cole, Chief Operating Officer, X-Biomedical
MTV - Animate brand name by Inqdrop
Arête brand name by Inqdrop
Empire Cinemas brand name by Inqdrop
64 Bits brand name by Inqdrop
Soul Searching brand name by Inqdrop
Agent Provocateur - Shuffle brand name by Inqdrop
3x3 brand name by Inqdrop
Voyana brand name by Inqdrop
Errorr 404 brand name by Inqdrop
Agent Provocateur - Hat Trick brand name by Inqdrop
Inqdrop logo
Root brand name by Inqdrop
MTV - ShowMaker brand name by Inqdrop
FujiFilm - XMF brand name by Inqdrop
"Forgive your enemies,
but never forget their names."

How it works.

Every project starts with a brand discovery workshop, in which we extract vital insights into your business, marketplace, and audiences.

With this foundation in place, we turn to our proprietary NameDeksystem, which provides us with the data to craft the perfect name.

With your story and name preferences defined, the creative process begins. We explore multiple territories, handcrafting dozens of name ideas for each theme.


Our NameDek™ system is an index of brand names that captures the provenance and linguistic construct of thousands of well-known brands.

You select the brand names that best fit your story, we dissect your choices, identifying patterns and establishing benchmarks. It’s a stimulating exercise that helps us to collectively identify a range of name preferences that focus the creative process.

"I don't mind if my skull ends up on a shelf, as long as it's got my name on it."
Debbie Harry, Blondie

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