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Stronger together - Inqdrop and Miles Marketing

The first in a series of blog posts from our clients and partners.

Eponomy, or not Eponomy?

Founders' names as brand names.

In Defence of Descriptive Names

Descriptive brand names don't need to be boring.

The Jabberwocky's Guide to Naming

Neologisms as brand names.

Pride of Place

Toponymous brand names.

Ballsy Brand Names

Adjectives as brand names.

Your Agency Naming Partner

Power up your naming expertise.

Talk of the Noun

Nouns as brand names.

These are not the droids you are looking for

Inqdrop naming case study. Client: X-Biomedical.

Brand Names are Encrypted Messages - Part 2

Wii® is friendly, whilst Bic® is precise - why?

Brand Names are Encrypted Messages - Part 1

Hidden stories, meanings and associations lie behind every sound, letter and word.

Here's Johnny

Inqdrop co-founder Jonathan Hunt talks gardening and 80's pop.

Lucky Jim

Inqdrop co-founder Jim Boulton talks onomatopoeic gerund verbs. Get a life Jim.