So what's our own name all about?

Suggestive of inquiry, the misspelling of ink serves a dual purpose. From a branding perspective, it makes the name memorable and distinct. Pragmatically, it means we could secure the dot com.

The onomatopoeic drop adds a playful element to the name. Combined with Inq it forms a familiar two-word phrase, a collocation, reinforcing memorability.  

The use of plosives /k/ and /p/ at the back of each word indicate precision and the short vowels suggest efficiency. The collocated words follow the ablaut reduplication rule (hip hop, not hop hip) providing a satisfying rhythm to the name.

Now you know.

Ink, from the Latin encaustum, the purple ink used by Roman emperors to sign their signature.

Drop, from the Old High German Tropfen.
Unit 2, The Gantry, Here East
1 Waterden Rd, London E15 2HB