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Inqdrop co-founder Jim Boulton

Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts from our clients and partners. This post has been written by Miles Phillips of Miles Marketing, a trusted partner for over twenty years.  

As well as being a marketing veteran, Miles is officially the 16th strongest man over 40 in the UK, which I’m guessing makes him the strongest marketeer in the UK!  If you want to flex your marketing muscles, give Miles a call… over to Miles!

Miles Marketing

I’m Miles, an outsourced marketing director with 30 years of experience. My company, Miles Marketing, works with SME’s to deliver no-nonsense, cost-effective, marketing that delivers results. We cover every aspect of marketing, from branding to social media. In this post we’re going to look at Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and what we can learn from their names.

First, let's get one thing out the way, customer relationships are at the core of an SME's business, why would you delegate these relationships to an automated system?

Using a CRM for your SME isn't about reducing customer relationships to entries in a spreadsheet, it's about optimising those connections. A CRM is like a personal assistant for your business relationships, helping you manage and nurture them. It keeps track of valuable information, ensuring you can focus on what matters - offering personalised experiences and building stronger connections. The result is long-term loyalty.

Now that's dealt with, let's look at some of my favourite CRMs for SMEs.

The Curious names of CRM systems

As Inqdrop is a naming consultancy, I've examined the strengths of six CRM systems in the context of their names. Reflecting on a previous blog about the origins of brand names, it's fascinating too see how CRM systems adopt their names. Names like 'Salesforce' and Pipedrive' clearly reflect their focus on sales and customer pipeline management. Others, like 'Insightly,' hint at the data analysis they provide. These names are not just labels, they encapsulate the essence of the system, highlighting their points of difference, making them standout in a crowded space.

Six of the best

Let's countdown my favourite six CRMs for SMEs, examining what we can learn from their names along the way.

6.   Salesforce

Salesforce is the market leader for a reason. An enterprise scale platform with functionality and fees to match. The no nonsense name suggests both scale and focus, explicitly indicating it can make a forceful impact on sales.

Miles Marketing verdict - A scalable solution that is best for SMEs with a fast growth forecast and enterprise ambitions.  If you've got deep pockets, you can't go wrong with Salesforce.


5.    Pipedrive

An intuitive interface focused on pipeline management. The name directly aligns with its sales-focused functionality, evoking a visual representation of a streamlined sales pipeline, however, its capabilities beyond sales are not explicitly conveyed.

Miles Marketing verdict - With a range of price points, Pipedrive offers unlimited data storage. Good for companies with thousands of customers and a proven challenger to Salesforce.


4.   Zendesk

Quick to deploy and easy to use, Zendesk takes the stress out of CRM. The compound name, combining Zen with Desk, is both metaphorical and descriptive, offering the best of both worlds. A fitting name for a CRM that focuses on customer support.

Miles Marketing verdict - A slightly higher priced option for those that value peace of mind. With call centres, live chat and a knowledge base, Zendesk is highly recommended for businesses emphasising customer support.


3.   Zoho

Zoho offers a range of tools, of which CRM is just one. The platform offers a good balance of features at an affordable price. The neologistic name (a newly coined term), suggests uniqueness, and the sonics have a rhythmic quality that resonates well in marketing. The simple two-syllables rhyming structure is also suggestive of balance.

Miles Marketing verdict - A good entry level CRM for small to medium businesses who would benefit from the full range of Zoho’s services, including social media management, chatbots, payroll and recruitment tools.


2.    Insightly

Combining project management functionality alongside CRM capabilities, as you might expect, Insightly’s point of difference is its sophisticated data analysis tools. The name is unusual, turning a noun into an adverb, giving  pause for thought whilst also communicating its key USP.

Miles Marketing verdict - With a mid-range price point, Insightly is best for a business with a need for sophisticated data analysis, especially those with distributed teams.


1.    Monday

With its modern, intuitive interface, Monday comes in at my number one spot. Its metaphorical name, representing the beginning of the working week, represents a fresh start and a break from the norm. The name conveys a sense of organisation, with clear plans and objectives, aligning with the CRM's capabilities. The simple, everyday noun, makes it relatable and easy to remember.

Miles Marketing verdict - With an accessible price point, and intuitive interface, Monday is perfect for start-ups and micro-businesses who are serious about CRM and want to hit the ground running.

The Art of Naming with Inqdrop

As seen in these examples, the process of naming a brand or product is both an art and a science. Having worked with Jim and Inqdrop for decades, I can whole-heartedly recommend their expertise in this intricate process. They understand that a name is the first point of engagement with an audience and holds the power to create lasting impressions.

My overview of CRM systems, where functionality and user experience are paramount, confirms to me the importance of a well-chosen name. Did the name Monday grab my attention, enhancing the brand's appeal and recall? Probably!

Thanks Miles!

If you’d like to find out more about names, contact Inqdrop. If you’d like advice on a CRM, or any other aspect of marketing, contact Miles.
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